Site Rules and Safety


FPS Limits are as follows:

350 FPS – Any weapon with full auto capability and any sidearm.
450 FPS – Any semi-locked DMR (minimum engagement distance of 20M applies)
500 FPS – Any bolt action sniper rifle (minimum engagement distance of 20M applies)

Pyro rules:

This includes anything that makes a bang noise. This is a limitation set by the rental agreement and anyone found using these items on site will be asked to leave.
We do allow smoke grenades on site with certain colours simulating different purposes.
WHITE – Chemical Grenade. These grenades are an instant kill for anyone within a 5M radius of where it lands. This also acts as an area denial for the duration of the burn. (In layman’s terms this simulates a bang pyro)
Any Other Colour. These are used as standard smoke grenades and have no other purpose.

Other Rules:

Weapon hits – Weapon hits do not count. If you are hit on the weapon you are carrying (doesn’t include a holstered sidearm) then you are not “HIT”. You can shout “WEAPON HIT” to let the other player know.
Firendly fire – Unfortunately, friendly fire is NOT friendly. If someone on your team shoots you you must take that as a “HIT”.
Small holes – You can only shoot through a hole that is big enough to fit your head. Although you can be hit through any size hole.

**Any specific rules to the day/game will be covered during the safety brief/game brief.**


All players must wear suitable eye protection (resist 500fps point blank) at all times in the game zone. Under 18s are advised to wear full face protection.

No players can play under the influence of drugs / alcohol.
Minimum age to play is 11 years. Parents/guardians must accept that there may be occasions during play when a player is not supervised or in sight of a marshal.

First aid kit available. Keep own medication in top left pocket / pouch
Site contains uneven ground, slippery areas (especially when wet) and other potential hazards. Players should take adequate care in these areas and must accept that they play at their own risk.

Players must follow any directions given by a marshal.
Players are warned that in games they may be subject to occasional clouds of smoke.
Players must not take care and use common sense when using onsite structures.
Players should not run up or down stairs or lean over upper floor safety rails.
There should be no loaded weapons or dry firing in the safe zone.
Before leaving the game zone magazines should be removed from weapons and the weapon fired a few times to clear any rounds from the chamber.
Maximum muzzle velocity allowed is 350 fps for AEGs, 450fps for DMR’s locked to semi auto only, 500FPS for Bolt Actions MED for 450 & 500 FPS 20m

Before play weapons can be chronographed on request. Random Chrono testing will be performed throughout the day. Division 22 Airsoft reserve the right to spot check any weapon at any time and if found over the limit it will be removed from play.
Players should be aware that they may be hit at close range and wear appropriate protection.
There should be no blind firing. ie.Players should be able to see where their BBs are going at all times.
Head shots should be avoided, players should aim for the centre of body mass where possible.

No smoking in the game area. Smoking is permitted in designated areas.

Any gaps less than the width of a A4 piece of paper should be regarded as sealed and there should be no Shooting through the gap.
Players should take care not to cause damage to the building or structures.
The order “CEASE FIRE” is to be used for emergencies only. If players hear “CEASE FIRE” they should pass the shout on, make their weapon safe and place it on the floor/ground. They should not move but wait for a Marshal to shout “GAME ON”.
Division 22 Airsoft will not tolerate abusive behaviour and will not hesitate to remove players from the game or ban them from the site if they are involved in verbal or physical abuse to other players or marshals.

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